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Laser Cutting

Your contour has no limits.
In laser cutting, there is no contact between laser and material surface. There is no burr at the edges of the workpiece. The cut edges are clean and do not need to be reworked.

We cut quickly and precisely for our customers every day a variety of material types and thicknesses, such as. Stainless steel (up to 4mm), brass sheets (up to 2mm) or various series in aluminum (up to 3mm), carbon steel (up to 10mm).

Laser fine cutting center with an accuracy of 50μ.

Different fields

The areas of application of the laser-cut components range from medical technology and precision engineering to electrical engineering and the automotive industry. We are happy to cut your prototypes, sample parts and series.


  • Laser cutting of different material types and thicknesses
  • No post-processing and clean cut edges, no burrs
  • Narrow kerfs (0.1 mm) and precise contours
  • Highest accuracy for laser fine cutting of 50μ
  • Extremely low distortion due to low thermal impact

High flexibility

  • The programming is done by a CAD / CAM system. The cutting contours can be changed quickly and easily.
  • Fast board dimension change via CAD / CAM system possible
  • No interruption due to maintenance of the cutting tool

We look forward to your inquiry. Please send us this in a .DXF file format.

Highest precision in high-speed

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